mandag 5. september 2011

Sportfishing as i lifestyle.

My name is Emma Bæcker, i love sportfishing!
This is my first blog here, i do have another blog (at for my swedish and norwegian readers. But now i have created a blog for you all "non-swedish-speaking" fishermen!

Today im just going to introduce myself and tell you all about my passion for sportfishing!
I live in Norway and i work as a sportfishingjournalist for fishingmagazines around Scandinavia.
Sportfishing for me is alot more then i hobby, its a lifestyle! I started fishing for about 8 years ago, then i was hooked! For about 2 years ago i started in sportfishing business and i felt at once that this was the right thing for me!
I love all type of fishing! But predatorfishing is one of my favorites! But i also fish alot for carp, trout, seafishing.. yepp, everything!

In this blog i will share my fishing experiences, keep you updated on the sportfishing world here in Scandinavia and i promise i will update the blog as often as i can!

And next week we start the filming of a new, cool fishing-movie I cant wait! This movie will for shure surprise the market!
So i hope to see you soon! Stay updated here on Emmas fishingblog! You can also visit me on Facebook, at my Fanpage: Emma Bäcker!

See you soon! Think Fishy / Emma

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